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On 3rd of December 2015 there was a discussion about Slovenia, practical diplomacy and migration with HE Mr Leon Marc and with the former Foreign Minister from the Czech Republic (2002-2006) JuDr. Svoboda thanks to the Diplomatic Academy in Prague.

It was our second discussion with the Thai Ambassador HE Mr. Narong Sasitorn. The main topic we talked about was that Slovenia is cutting back on the number of embassies it has abroad, which is interesting, because it is more expensive than building new ones. On other hand Slovenia has a huge automobile and tourism industry, which is the country’s major income. Further more we talked about what a diplomat has to do, for example: acts in the nation interests, helps citizens in cases of emergencies and also he or she has to address any local problems and analyse them (why they happen, who was responsible, etc.) and send it to his/her government, king, or prime minister to deal with the problem.

The last thing that we talked about was migration. For example: did you know that Slovenia will accept refugees without any protests from its citizens?

Every discussion is interesting, because you can not get this information in newspapers. You meet with people with the same interests as you and also you can ask or lead a discussion with current or former ambassadors. The diplomatic academy of Prague will hold the next events in Russian, Spain and Germany.

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