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Adam Kubina completed his bachelor’s and master’s studies in Business Administration in Prague in 2018, including a one-year exchange program at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, where he won the regional round of the toughest competition of its kind in the world called the HULT Prize 2016/2017. For the HULT award, he created a vision and business development strategy for building sustainable, scalable start-ups that will restore the rights and dignity of refugees in Central Europe.

In 2015, he became the key strategist and manager of Cyril Svoboda, the well-known Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs (2002-2006) at the Diplomatic Academy in Prague. He is well-traveled and has obtained a number of professional certificates in economic diplomacy from the NATO headquarters at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, the MOFA Diplomatic Academy in Moscow, along a higher professional certificate from the Diplomatic Academy in Prague.

In 2017 (until the end of 2019), Adam founded the Fin-Tech platform Dluhopisomat. cz, which creates investment bonds with prospectuses for more than 50 million dollars, which are approved by the Czech National Bank. At the beginning of 2018 (until the end of 2019), Adam was invited and started working for the financial group Comfort Finance Group CFG, where he took the position of business director and accepted the offer to be the CEO of Kryptofond, a. hedge fund in Central Europe focused exclusively on cryptocurrencies.

Since 2016-2017, Adam has been intensively dedicated to the fundamental and technical development of markets, especially commodity, stock, currency, and cryptocurrency markets. Investing and intra-day or swing trading is Adam’s daily bread. He has been through various mentors in the last 6 years (2023-2017). The most famous ones are The Inner Circle Trader “The ICT”, Trader Dante, W.Hunting, Mayne, Chris Lori, Larry Williams, Cointrader68, Anton Kreil, Alexander Elder, and from psychologists focusing on trading: Byeajee, Steenbarger, Douglas, Kiev ,…

Since 2020, Adam has obtained a number of licenses from the Czech National Bank, so that he can fully devote himself to his clients, both physical and legal, in raising their assets over time. Especially in the area of investments, mortgages, and insurance.

Adam devotes his free time to writing and analyzing world markets/events where several of his 70 or more professional articles/analyses have been published in printed foreign publications.





We need to establish stability and prosperity which will lead to a stronger and more prosperous Europe. We need to fight together for a better Europe!

These days, with populist movements on the rise, we need to gather more strength, courage and self-confidence because we find ourselves facing nationalism, populism and radical right-wing ideology. These groups are not fighting for people or for the prosperity of their particular states, but only for themselves. They are fighting against freedom of speech and against Europe. History cannot repeat once again what we witnessed in the 20th Century.

The European Union has been on the ruins of the two catastrophic World Wars. It is imperative that we establish a more integrated Europe in the areas of security and defence. But also we need to fulfil what the European spirit has been built on, namely: cooperation, compromise and dialogue.

The European Union is the strongest economy in the World and, at the same time, pursues and concludes agreements with other states across the globe. There are more than 650 million Europeans in the EU. There is no such security anywhere else in the world as in Europe. We need to to fight for Europe, which is the main engine for human rights and fighting poverty in the world, and as the leading superpower in universal values.

Thanks to the great potential of Europe, we have become a stronger player in world arena. Because of this, the EU can become number one in innovation, technology and the economic markets. Our cultural wealth is second to none, and need to conserve and protect that wealth; it is a potential we need to take advantage of.